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About Us

Many people are involved in helping to organize and run the Romney's Stars classes and dances. From Romney himself, to his staff that helps him get and stay organized, to the people who help at the individual class & dances, to people who work in the background, many people contribute to make it a great place to dance and have fun.

Romney Tannehill
Caller — Romney Tannehill
First and foremost is Romney Tannehill.  Romney is what makes Romney's Stars, well... Romney's Stars.  He is a full-time, traveling caller, holding dances, classes, and workshops, with an average total of 30+ events, each and every month.  He handles both club dance bookings as well as full weekend events, both within the Southern California area as well as all parts of the United States.  He calls from Mainstream to Challenge-1.

For a more extensive biography on Romney, CLICK HERE.
Beverly Tomkins
Secretary — Beverly Tomkins
Beverly's job is to take care of much of the secretarial aspects of club, from helping with the calling contracts, to organizing with clothing sales, from special events (like baseball games), to weekend dance event registrations.

If you need to contact Beverly directly, you can reach her at: 
Debby Stopp & Robert Ameeti
Webmasters — Debby Stopp & Robert Ameeti
Debby and Robert's job is to take care of the web site (the place you're right now). This is the visible (electronic) side of the Romney's Stars. It is their job to make sure that the most amount of up-to-date information is available to all interested parties, giving Romney's dancers a place they can check for the latest in classes, dances, weekend getaways, and other special events.

If you need to contact Debby or Robert directly, you can reach them at: 
Event "Coordinators" — Dances / Classes / Workshops
Every location has a host of regular helpers, each making that extra effort to help keep the classes, workshops, and dances all running smoothly. There are at every location, from tracking student attendence to hall setup (and breakdown). There are so many helpers, that a brief list of the helpers will have to do.

Monday - Laguna Woods
Leisure World Squares
Monday - Westminster
Dee Luna
Joan Delli-Venneri
Tuesday - Hemet
Pat Poorman
Tuesday - Westminster
Wednesday - Garden Grove
Tom Kitchens
Barbara Kitchens
Thursday - Riverside
Shirley Parker
Friday - Westminster
Joan Delli-Venneri
Saturday - Garden Grove
Tom Kitchens
Barbara Kitchens

Contacting Us
If you wish to send us a message, ask a question, or sign up for Romney's email announcements,
feel free to send us a note from our Contact Us page.

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